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Tomas O. Muir
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NOTICE: This a rant! An opinion piece! Take everything you read here with a grain of salt, and if you disagree, don’t force yourself to read all of it, nothing will come of it.


I’ve been confronted by this topic so many times recently it’s not even funny. I’d say I see youtube comments, articles, videos, etc. related to feminism and criticism towards the modern representation of women in video games (and subsequently, commercial art), several times a day.

As I said, everyday people shit all over the old, greek dogma of beauty. Basically, we draw people in a certain way. In a way that it seems pleasing, and well… Beautiful. So what that inevitably leads to is: Not many fat people, not many scrawny people, etc.

The main preachers of this criticism: intrusive feminists. Keep in mind that Feminists, and intrusive feminists are a different group of people altogether. Feminists fight for equality. Misandrists (as I will call them) on the other hand are the women searching for inequality. Their values: Male bashing, propaganda, and female chauvinism.

The main thing that really bothers me are these people, prancing about on youtube, going to channels about drawing female proportions, and then talking about how the bodies they are drawing are not realistic, and that it’s alienating. Fuck that.

Art is an individual process. An artist can draw a million penises (case in point: HR Giger) and it shouldn’t offend anyone. Because his goal is not to be offensive, it’s not to “contribute to the patriarchy”, it’s simply the embodiment of what he/she wants to show.

Who the hell are you (hypothetic you) to criticize that? Why would that ever be an ok thing to do? You’re telling artists to change their method of representing proportions because it offends you, because it oppresses you? You have no authority over how people represent their own ideas.

Why this shouldn't even be an issue, at all

Misandrists argue that women are misrepresented in games (particularly games) because female protagonists have unrealistic proportions, skimpy outfits and flat personalities. Do you people think that this is exclusive-   to female characters? Bullshit. Male characters are just as sexualized, unrealistic, and flat.

In reality, there is very little inequality in commercial art. Both sexes are “sexualized” (I hate using this term) and ridiculous. Why? Because they aren’t real fucking people. If you honestly think that characters need to fit your agenda of what looks “normal” or what should be normal, then you’ve lost the concept of what (commercial) art aims to achieve.

Art is rarely a 1 to 1 representation of reality. When it is, it classifies as realism, sometimes hyper realism. Games, and commercial art in general (you know, Applibot illustrations, comics, etc.) are not “realistic”. We don’t want to come closer to reality, we want to escape it. We want to escape, to a world where women and men alike are proportionately perfect, and ideal.

Characters are effectively objects. They don’t have feelings, they are about as sentient as a landscape painting. To attribute character design to reality is really… mind numbingly stupid. Video game characters are effectively nothing! They shouldn’t be role models, you should not look at their body types and think “I want to be like that”.


If you want to fight for equality, fight for it where it actually means something. Start a riot in the streets, write articles about actual oppression, not motherfucking video games.

I’m sick and tired of this. Misandrists are expecting us to bow down to their ideologies of how women should be represented (who the fuck cares about how men are represented, god forbid that!) in a form of art/entertainment that means fuck all!

For fuck’s sake… It doesn’t matter how women or men are drawn, modeled, and written. It doesn’t matter! It’s fucking art. Artists should have the liberty too make whatever the fuck they want. Don’t like it? Become an artist, become a concept artist or character artist, get hired by Ubisoft and make something happen. You’ve put yourself on a pedestal with complete disregard for those that you are criticizing. To “patrol” art is essentially promoting censorship.

We design what we want, if you want to change how we design shit, fuck off. Design it yourself.

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Missgraza Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Student Filmographer
dayummm are you really 17? your work is amazing! keep it up
parkurtommo Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yes I am ^^ Thanks.
BlueJayFox Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I just wanted to say your speedpaints are absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring!
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Thanksss I am a dummy! Hearing (or reading) that means a lot to me. 
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You're welcome! And thanks. =P
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I love your speed sketches and your use of color is great. Hope to see more!
parkurtommo Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks :D
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Whoa which program do you use when you draw? Absolutely stunning! :D
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Thanks, Photoshop CS6.
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